Ayurvedic Consultation Experience (Required 3-Session Package)

Session #1: Discovery Intake (90-120 min) - initial meeting to discuss your health (history, concerns, challenges, goals)

Session #2: Review of Findings and Recommendations (60-75 min) - one week after Discovery Intake; present and discuss recommendations based on the findings from session #1

Session #3: Follow-Up (60-75 min) - one month after Review of Findings & Recommendations; discuss progress and experience implementing recommendations from session #2

$333.00 USD

My practitioner, Amy Foreman, will provide an educational Ayurvedic consultation in order to:

  • Determine my mind-body constitution.
  • Identify and assess any imbalances that may exist.
  • Provide information and guidance relevant to helping me nourish, stimulate or balance vital energy.
  • Develop a plan with me for lifestyle and diet changes that may improve my general health and wellness.

I agree to:

  • Study the information provided.
  • Participate in and be accountable for the development of my health and wellness plan.
  • Implement my health and wellness plan according to my ability.
  • Notify my primary care provider, if under their care, of my intention to begin a new health & wellness plan.
  • Discontinue any or all of the health and wellness plan elements if any discomfort occurs and notify my consultant and primary care provider.

Confidentiality is strictly enforced. At no time will information contained in my file be disclosed to a third party outside of staff unless you have given written authorization to do so.  

Clients are given lifestyle, diet and other recommendations. I understand that this is an educational Ayurvedic consultation for the purpose of helping me to improve my own health and wellness. I understand this does not constitute medical diagnosis or medical treatment, and is not a substitute for medical care. Nor is this an agreement for ongoing care.