$399.00 USD

My practitioner, Amy Foreman, will provide an Ayurvedic assessment and educational experience in order to:

  • Determine my mind-body constitution.
  • Identify and assess any imbalances that may exist.
  • Provide information and guidance relevant to helping me nourish, stimulate or balance vital energy.
  • Provide guidance throughout the 28-day renewal process.

I agree to:

  • Study the information provided.
  • Participate in and be accountable for the development of my health.
  • Follow all Nourish Plans to the best of my ability.
  • Read and watch all lessons provided during the 28-day renewal.
  • Notify my primary care provider, if under their care, of my intention to begin a new health & wellness plan.
  • Discontinue any or all elements of the renewal if any serious discomfort or health complications occur.  I will notify Amy Foreman and my primary health card provider as well.

Confidentiality is strictly enforced. At no time will information contained in my file be disclosed to a third party, unless I have given written authorization to do so.  

Clients are given lifestyle, diet and other recommendations. I understand that this is an educational Ayurvedic experience for the purpose of helping me to improve my own health and wellness. I understand this does not constitute medical diagnosis or medical treatment, and is not a substitute for medical care. Nor is this an agreement for ongoing care. 


Private 28-Day Ayurvedic Renewal