I highly recommend the Winter Reset program! Amy was there with me every step of the way. I also felt like I was being personally coached with support from other participants - best of both worlds! Amy taught the Ayurvedic concepts in skillful, practical, and creative ways that made them easy to understand and implement. Her approach is flexible and customizable rather than going by hard-core "rules". I wasn't left to figure out this flexibility alone either; Amy's empathetic nature guided me. I loved the little video snippets we received each day which discussed a new topic. Amy's expertise at yoga sequencing made the morning yoga classes not only feel oh-so-good, but they extended into an Ayurvedic concept which I continued to think about into the day. I've been able to take what I learned from the Winter Reset and carry that forward into the weeks after the reset. I feel so good! Thank you, Amy!   ~ Sandy
When you first meet Amy, the feeling of goodness you see in her smile says it all.  My relationship with Amy has grown strong over the last couple of years.  First, she was a yoga instructor at our local studio.  Then, I joined one of her health coaching groups, where I began my journey back to good health. Talk about a personal wake up!!!  She will challenge you while always supporting you.  She is also a WEALTH of information!   I talked about her and her life changing habits so much, my husband naturally fell into a transformation as well.  He began to set goals for himself and is now 35 lbs lighter; he has developed a daily exercise routine and feels amazing.  We are both grateful!  My gift from Amy: live an authentic life, practice self care, meditate, eat mostly plants and whole foods...and most importantly, love life...its a gift!   ~ Beth
My husband has joked from day one, Amy Foreman is my Oprah.  In all seriousness, Amy is one of the the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to holistic health. From food, to yoga, to self care, to overall well being, Amy is a wealth of knowledge.   She has taught me how to be creative with my cooking and helped me get my family back on track with their diet.  Besides being such a wonderful teacher and coach, she is also a genuine person. I could probably write a book on what I have learned from Amy.  There’s no other person that I'd rather learn from when it comes to health.  Amy is truly an inspiration and has helped and transformed my life for the better. I can’t say that enough.  ~ Shelly
When it comes to health, fitness, nutrition, and longevity, Amy is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. I have complete confidence and trust in Amy when she gives advice or recommendations because she does the research and she leads by example.  If I had to choose one word to describe Amy, it would be “authentic.”   ~ Julie
I first met Amy when she was my yoga teacher.  She is one of the most conscientious teachers I’ve ever had in nearly 20 years of practicing yoga.  She understands the human body like no other: a stickler for correct alignment, incredibly creative flows, and best of all, allowing students to take a journey into their own minds and beliefs by expressing new thoughts, ideas and questions. For years, I had contemplated changing to a plant-based lifestyle, however, I didn’t know where to start.  I knew what I needed to take out, but what did I need to put in to optimize my health?  When Amy had offered a kickstart for plant-curious nutrition program, I jumped at the opportunity.  She held our hands through the process of discovering what our bodies need to thrive, one day at a time.  I learned a ton in three short weeks and by the end, was convinced it was doable for me to eat a mostly plant-based diet.  She let us flourish in a fun, unassuming atmosphere where I felt free to explore letting go of limiting beliefs.  If you’re craving change and looking for a guide to help you improved your health, Amy will inspire you and passionately igniting your fire for optimum health!  ~ Liz
I never saw myself having/needing or asking for a life coach. You are suppose to handle your own. Suck it up. Take care of business and yourself. Amy is a friend and she put a 30 day group challenge out and I accepted.  I knew I had neglected my mind, body and soul for too long. What’s 30 days?  Would never have thought it would change the course of my life. Her support, knowledge and general ahhamzing spirit uplifts all she knows.  ~ Heather
When I first attended Amy's yoga class, I knew that our little mountain community of Evergreen, Colorado was better because this wise teacher had landed here. I knew I had much to learn from her. Her energy, kindness, and wisdom accompanied with her pragmatism and realistic approach to living life healthfully compelled me to want to learn as much from her as I possibly could. Her balanced and gentle approach to movement, food, and mindfulness will be lifelong lessons that have forever changed my family.   Anyone, anywhere on their journey, can benefits from the guidance and instruction Amy has to offer in the areas of mindfulness, movement, and menu. Most importantly, you'll enjoy every minute of the ride, as she is a lit soul with a gift to offer the world.  If you even have a small nudge to reach out for her wisdom,  go with it, you will not regret it.   ~ Jayne

Working with Amy on bettering my health has been a great experience for me.  She does a lot of research and is always able to provide very detailed information about our food choices.  It is beyond “eat this, don’t eat this…”. Very detailed and specific to the why & the science behind how our bodies react to different foods. Amy is also very encouraging and provides very helpful tips when you are struggling as well as recognizes when you are having great success!  She meets you where you are and helps you to achieve your goals for your health.  ~ Kristen