Seasonal Renewals

In Ayurveda, we have seasonal practices that help us release accumulations from the previous seasons and bring our bodies back to balance. It's like hitting our reset we can enter the upcoming season feeling clear and balanced.  I offer two virtual seasonal programs designed to recalibrate our digestion, nervous system, and self-care routines: Spring Renewal and Fall Renewal. They are each held once a year and facilitated in an on-line community environment.  One-on-one seasonal renewals are also available if you are not able to participate in the group Renewal or would prefer a more personalized experience. Keep reading to learn more about these offerings.


15-Day Ayurvedic Spring and Fall Renewals

Spring and fall are transitional seasons that take us from extreme cold to extreme hot times of the year. Spring and fall are also times of the year when we are experiencing accumulations in our bodies and minds from the prior season, such as heaviness and stagnation in the spring, and heat and depletion in the fall. Too much of anything in our systems will eventually take us out of balance. Therefore, as we transition out of the the cold and hot seasons, being deliberate, yet gentle, with how we are eating and living during these transitional seasons is very important.  In order to maintain balance, we must clear out the excess to reset our systems.  This is where the Spring and Fall Renewals come in.  Using Ayurvedic and yogic principles and practices as our guides, we work together in community to clear accumulations from the previous season in order to bring our body, mind, and spirit back into balance.

Here are some of the benefits you will experience by participating in the Renewals:

  • collaborative on-line community environment
  • a return to your whole, healthy, and vibrant self¬†
  • improved overall well-being
  • opportunity to slow down, rest, and reflect
  • improved eating habits
  • improved digestion
  • improved sleep
  • improved vitality
  • reduced inflammation
  • three¬†live virtual group meetings¬†
  • delicious and easy seasonal recipes
  • 2 week meal plan and grocery list
  • flexibility to fit your body and lifestyle
  • tools, routines, practices and knowledge for sustained optimal health¬†
  • introduction to Ayurveda and yoga
  • new friendships¬†